Vehicle Burglaries, Shoplifting, Assault, and Kidnapping on the West Side

Posted on: 02/12/2018 00:00

Here is the latest crime reports for the West Ranch area as compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury of the SCV Sheriff Station:

Grand Theft (from Vehicle): 25300 block Silver Aspen Way 

Person(s) unknown entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole a checkbook and laptop computer. 

Burglary (Shoplifting): 25800 block The Old Road 

A male adult took four containers of laundry detergent and two bottles of alcohol and exited the store without paying for the items. The informant followed the suspect out of the store and saw him get into a Subaru Wagon driven by a female adult. The suspects then left the area in an unknown direction. 

Burglary: Poe Parkway/Defoe Way 

Person(s) unknown entered three storage trailers and stole two spools of wire, two generators, a printer, and light fixture. 

Attempt Burglary: 24900 block Pico Canyon Road 

Person(s) unknown attempted to pry open the rear door of the location.

Possession of Counterfeit Money, Drug Paraphernalia, Petty Theft, Misappropriation of Lost Property: 25560 block The Old Road  
Patrol deputies saw the suspect removing a box from the loading dock at location. They detained the suspect pending a theft investigation. While searching the suspect subject to his arrest, they found a glass methamphetamine pipe, a counterfeit $10.00 note, driver’s license and credit card that did not belong to him in his pockets. 

Assault with Caustic Chemicals: 27500 block The Old Road 

The suspect sprayed pepper spray in the victim’s face when the victim was trying to serve her ex-husband with court papers. 

Attempt Kidnapping: 25300 block The Old Road 
Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station detectives are currently investigating an attempt kidnapping incident. 

Burglary (Vehicle): 25200 block The Old Road 
Person(s) unknown smashed the passenger side window of the victim’s vehicle and stole his tool bag containing miscellaneous tools.

Grand Theft: 25500 block Wharton Drive 

Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s Rolex watch from the nightstand of his home. The victim stated his son often has parties at the location, and suspects that one of the guests possible stole the item. 

Grand Theft: 25200 block The Old Road
Two male adults stole a cleaning machine from an unlocked van at the location.


Tip of the week: Avoiding Vehicle Burglaries 

Most criminals who are looking to steal items from a vehicle are looking for the easy targets. Most commonly known as a ‘smash and grab’, the burglars are looking for high value items that are in plain sight which can be easily and quickly taken after finding an unlocked door or smashing a window. Imagine the costs and inconvenience of not only having to replace a smashed window, but also having to replace your driver’s license, credit/debit cards, laptop, cell phone, etc. Here are some great tips to help prevent being a victim of a vehicle burglary. 

1. ALWAYS lock your vehicle when left unattended. 

2. Never leave your wallet or purse in your vehicle and in plain view when leaving your vehicle unattended. 

3. If you use a portable GPS, remove it from the dash or windshield and place it in your glovebox or trunk when leaving your vehicle unattended. 

4. Never leave any high value items (laptops, cell phones, jewelry, tools) inside your vehicle in plain view while unattended. If you cannot carry those items with you, secure them in the trunk. 

5. Use a sunscreen in your windshield, even at night or when parked in a parking structure. This makes it much harder for a burglar to look into your vehicle. 

6. Remember: Vehicle burglars usually will not break into a vehicle with the intention of ‘searching’ it in hopes of finding something of value. This takes too long and the burglar risks being seen. If there is no easy opportunity that is readily available for a ‘smash and grab’ thief, they will more than likely pass your vehicle and look for a better target.


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